We build ecommerce widgets for leading lifestyle & fashion brands

Filling Pieces generated over €28K in revenue in one month.

Pockies made a 10x ROI with ShopPop in their first month.

There’s a new era in marketing.
Stop sending out of the blue,
start informing your customers.

Win customers back using opt-ins at the right place for messages at the right time.

90% open rates
30% conversion to sale
5x ROI

Our Shopify apps

Both Wishtxt and Notify me offer a unique set of features that add utility and conversion to your store.


Wishlist app that notifies customers on sms. Back in stock, low stock, price drops, reminder or recovery. Win customers back using relevance and interest.

Notify me

All in one opt-in widget for the product page. Opt in for back in stock, price, pre order, new collection etc and send sms. Win customers back using relevance and interest.


Installing Wishtxt or Notify me is not only a commercially good decision, it's great for a number of reasons.

The cookie crumbles

Zero party over third. Customer wants to receive updates directly.

Stay on top of the inbox

Bypass email spam and advertising folders.

Inform more, send less

A new way of marketing that informs instead of spams.

Diversify your retention channels

Don't ignore Whatsapp, SMS, Messenger and Instagram.

One app, all notifications

One Shopify app for all notifications.

Data privacy rules

Force brands to build direct relationships.